Natural resource mapping, geospatial data analysis and modeling, and softcopy photogrammetry

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Visualization is a graphical model of information designed to provide a viewer with a qualitative understanding of data, processes, relationships, or concepts. Data visualization can be used to communicate abstract concepts to information consumers.

Maps are traditionally 2-dimensional models of reality. With modern software and technology, PMT can bring 2-dimensional products into a simulated 3-dimensional world so that you can better communicate with the users of your information. Contact us for more information on how data visualization can help your projects.

Below is an example of a simple image drape of an aerial photo over a digital elevation model. The image on the left shows a 1956 aerial photo image draped over elevation. The image on the right shows a 2002 aerial photo image drape.

1956 Aerial photos draped over elevation image

2002 image drape

Click the image below to download a pdf about our Fort Hunter Liggett historic orthophoto project

Click to read about our Fort Hunter Liggett Orthophoto project

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